About DDU.network

Welcome! You have found it! Come in, grab a drink and take a look around. You’re safe here. This is the resistance, the Network! We want to welcome you all to the start of something new, the start of a revolution! DDU.network was founded on hope and we need you!

DDU.network offers daily intel, video footage and the opportunity to share your message with the galaxy far far away.

Tune in every day to get the latest list ideas, how to articles, tourney reports and whatever jank you want to talk about. This is for the people of the network and everyone is welcome to use this secret communication device.

We’re calling all Star Wars gamers. X-wing pilots, Destiny duelists, Armada commanders, legion generals and any other Star Wars gamers from the galaxies.

There is no judgement here, We just want content! Got a new list? Let us know. Want to talk about in game interactions? Let us know! Want to share a tournament report? Let us know! Anything goes! This is all about connecting the people of the Network

To put it simply, we wanted a platform to connect all players, to give them an opportunity to share their ideas and of course to keep an eye on the best performers in Aus and around the world.

The rules are simple.. Any star wars content is welcome (If we don’t have a space for it let us know) To submit your article email articles@ddu.network (we will spell check and post, that’s it) Join the discord NO DRAMA!

If you have any questions get in touch with us through the discords! May be the force be with you!

Meet the team

aaronchpmn (Aaron Chapman)

Aaron aka aaronchpmn is the resident web developer, helping the team get everything online. Destiny is his first CCG and he started as an absolute scrub, got sick of losing and really threw himself into the competitive side of the game and is slowly absorbing more and more about the game.

Favourite deck archetype – Middle Middle Ramp (Stairs R.I.P)
1 x Regional win
Expert at telling Blake what to swerve to the night before

Bouncewithout (Blake Moody)

Blake aka Bouncewithout enjoys competitive gaming and is currently loving both Destiny and X-wing. He is always down to chat about anything game related.

Favourite deck archetype – Blue Hero
Favourite X-Wing archetype – 4 ship midrange
Favourite Food – Bagels
2017 & 2018 Australian Destiny National champion.
3 x Store champs wins
1 X-Wing Hyperspace Trial win

ordinaryjedi (Clint Riley)

Clint aka ordinaryjedi hails from the far east coast of Australia aka Auckland, NZ and is a relative new-comer to the CCG space. On top of spending way to much time playing Destiny, he is equally passionate about craft beer (drinking it, not brewing it), is a bonafide pool boy professionally and loves to banter with the lads.

Favourite deck archetype – Blue Hero
Beat Bounce with Obi Maz so much that he ended up taking it to worlds
Awarded most consistent top of swiss and top cutter but always ends up the bridesmaid
Good at listening to Bounce’s deck choices

general_jacobi (Jacob Wynberg)

Jacob aka general_jacobi is an avid lover of janky brews with weird combos, but don’t mistake that for being soft. He is a fierce competitor and considered one of the top players in Aus. He also named his couch but that’s his story to tell.

Favourite deck archetype – Aphra
4 x store champ wins
2 x regional wins