Community Highlight: PerthJawas

In what we hope to become a regular highlight we open our articles to highlight great Australian content creators, today we have an overview by Andrew of the PerthJawas

PerthJawas is a community content creator for a number of FFG Star Wars games including X-Wing, Destiny and Legion.

We are two nerds based in Perth, Western Australia and have a unique understanding of how each other works. Rob does all the background stuff (mostly editing my dribble) and I shout loudly to keep events on time.

Playing in the community group in Perth I noticed the complete lack of community created content content and working for an event production company I have access to some pretty high end equipment so decided to try my hand at streaming. I started chatting with my oldest friend Rob and came up with a plan.

We started producing swag and planning events when the 2018 store champ kits were not ordered by the local distributer so we started planning some local Jawa themed prize support to take to the stores or run our own event.

We did our first promo sale (2nd Ed templates and damage decks) to fund some alt art cars the we gave out at those store champs. Every store based event of store champ of higher has had a unique PerthJawas alt art card for each player to take away with them.
All of our ALT art cards feature original artwork that we have artist permission for and always credit our artists. We work closely with a bunch of local artists as well as a couple of internationals.

We ran our first event, “Jawa open” in November 2018 having over 50 players over the weekend and set a standard for the way local events were to be run in WA.

In May 2019 I had the privilege of host a campaign against cancer event where we raised $3000 for our local kids cancer treatment centre and was part of a global fundraising effort of over $47000USD.

We are now running a club room north of Perth for Tuesday night X-Wing and are in the process of planning a regional event as well as our next open.