GQ 6-0 Tournament Report

Written by Steret

The deck. 

eSatine eC-3PO, R2-D2 on Theed

After the first day standard at the Sydney GQ the Perth crew (plus a Sydney sider) pondered about what the day 2 meta would look like.  The conclusion was that Ewoks were going to be quite popular – perhaps even more popular than day 1.

The shell of the deck is Honestly Sarcastc’s from The Hyperloops so I won’t go into detail about the main part of the deck.  We made some tech choices for Ewoks, namely 2 republic cruisers & 2 pacify for extra shields, a sudden impact for some wide damage and  I also added a grievance striker over a A300 – mainly for the extra shield side and no modified sides.

Apologies to my opponents – I am terrible with names.

Round 1 vs eVader Battle Droid Retribution on Fighting Pit

Not exactly what I wanted to see game one, Fear and dead men can just melt through the droid line up.  My opponent won the roll off so we were on Fighting pit – also not great for the droids. Round one I had a good setup with an early Entourage.  My opponent spent his resources before I could disrupt so I ramped hard instead and tried to put some pressure on Vader. My opponent was rolling sticks and sinking damage into C-3PO.   Took some shields at the end round 1 to try and keep him alive a bit longer. Vader rolled out early and was able to take out C-3PO turn 2, I was able to get some more supports down and shielded my other 2 characters.  An early claim in round 3 allowed me to control the pit and I was able to close it out early in round 4. My opponent was a little off on the day after taking a baseball to the face the evening before. 1-0

Round 2 vs eMace eSatine Build to last on Theed

This deck can be scary if you aren’t aware of the game plan.  Having played it quite a bit I was feeling somewhat comfortable going into the match.  Opponent got out to a quick start but I was able to ramp and load up R2. Was trying to put pressure on Mace, but he was difficult to take down with Bounty hunter mask, his PA and Bacta therapy doing some work.  He was able to instigate + impulsive to take out R2, but some timely removal and good rolls and I was able to take out Mace, from there his Satine only had 3 health remaining. 2-0

Round 3 vs eVader Greedo on Fighting Pit

Oddly enough the third 2 character deck of the day.  Once again we ended up on fighting pit, luckily for me this time my opponent rolled a blank on 2 of the 3 rounds and I ended up doing more damage to Vader.  My opponent never really got going and I was able to spike greedo turn one after he dangerous maneuvered an Entourage and kept the pressure up on Vader. 3-0

Round 4 vs The Mirror

This was my toughest match of the day.  The mirror can be tricky to try and edge some advantage.  I got off decent start but Ezra’s saber and Fickle were my only dice cards turn one.  Despite that I was able to spike C-3PO off an ewok ambush at the start of round 2. My opponent answered back later in the round, taking out my C-3PO.  He was building a better board state with double Entourage a Fickle and a Hired muscle. Going into the last round it was very close, I tried to keep up the pressure with Satine.  But then I made my biggest mistake of the day. My opponent was showing a special on an Entourage and I missed counted the number of Scoundrels on his board and he 1 shot Satine after buying my Fickle (in hindsight I should have bought it back).  Luckily R2 rolled out enough damage to take out the match before he could roll out all his supports. 4-0

Round 5 vs The Mirror

Another mirror match in game 5, this one was a little easier.  I was able to get out in front early and keep the pressure on. My early Entourage was dismantled, but was able to get the first kill and close out the game while having Satine and C-3PO remaining.  Republic cruiser did some work in this match keeping shields on my remains characters. 5-0

Round 6 vs eC-3PO R2-D2 Chopper Built to Last on Theed

Was always going to be a tough match, my opponent was already 10-1 with this deck through the standard events and was piloting it very well.  My opening hand was the best I had seen in all 6 rounds. Chewie’s blaster, LS1 cannon and Ezra’s saber. I was able to ramp to 6 resources with Satine and C-3PO.  Loaded up R2 with Chewie’s and cannon and was able to get the turn 1 kill on Chopper to really put the pressure on. My opponent was able to take out R2 in round 2 but I had 2 redeploy weapons on him by that stage and was too far ahead for him to come back.  6-0

The deck overall played very well and can be versatile depending on what you are playing.  After teching for ewoks I didn’t end up running into any despite it being very well represented.  Also avoided the standard Chopper droids list which is one of the weaker matchups.

Thanks for reading.